FoxyUtils: Merge PDF Files Online for Free

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Feeling frustrated when you want to read several PDF in your tablet or ebook reader? Don’t worry, you can merger all the PDF files into 1 single PDF. Nowadays, with FREE online services, you can easily merge your PDF in a few steps. The only limitation is the maximum upload size set by the developer is 50MB. Anyway, this is a good service for everyone.

Only 2 simple steps needed as below:


  • Select two (or more) PDF files to be joined together by pressing “Browse”


  • Press the “Merge PDF” button to upload and combine the selected documents!


  • The maximum total size of all uploaded files for merge is 50MB.
  • All files are removed after a merge is completed, or within an hour of inactivity.
  • Optionally a user can keep files in store for further merging, by checking Retain files (in the Merge Dialog). The one hour limit still applies, where all uploaded files are removed within an hour of inactivity.
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