How-to enable Hidden Panaroma Mode in iPhone Camera

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Recently, one of iOS apps developer,Conrad Kramer found out that there’s a secret hidden panaroma mode for iPhone camera. There’s a simple work around for you to enable this feature. Of course there’re are several third party photo apps out in AppStore that can take panaroma photos, but for those who are interested to explore the hidden function in iOS for your iPhone, feel free to follow the steps below.

How to enable Hidden Panaroma Mode?

  1. You should access the in the iPhone (you need to have developer access to do this). The exact location of that plist is: /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/
  2. Add the line value of EnableFirebreak=Yes.
  3. Go to your phone camera mode and you’ll notice a Panorama button will now appear when you click on Options.

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@conradev (The person that discovered this tips)

So, I found out how to enable Panorama is the iOS Camera app. Set the key ‘EnableFirebreak’ to YES in


For those that are not familiar with text editing your iPhone, don’t worry, according to the latest update from Gizmodo, it seems that there’ll be a Cydia tweak out tomorrow for iPhone 4 and newer, due to the inclusion of a gyroscope in the iPhone 4.

(via Gizmodo)

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