TouchPal Dialer: Powerful Speed Dialing Apps

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With this speed dialing apps, now you can easily get to your friend in your phone book by pressing first few numbers, it will auto filter and match your phone book entries.


  1. Speed dial: find contacts directly on dial pad
  2. Group contacts: send group SMS
  3. Quick search: by any field of a contact
  4. Display caller location
  5. Roaming mode
  6. Black/White list and call blocker

More features

1. Quick Search For Contacts On Dial Pad

a) Abbreviations: spell “MJ” for “Michael Jackson” b) Smart partially match: spell “Mic”, or “Jac”, or “MicJac” for “Michael Jackson” c) Search by any small portion of the phone number d) Multilingual support

2. Powerful Contact Search In contacts tab, you can search contacts by any field, including nick names, companies, titles, phone numbers, emails, addresses, or even notes.

3. International Roaming Support When you are roaming, it can automatically add country and area code when you are calling to your friend in the home country. It can also convert your dialing to the IDD format of your roaming country.

4. Display Caller Location It can detect the location of the phone number, so when there’s an unknown incoming call, you may know where it is calling from before taking the call. (Supported countries: USA, China Mainland, HK, Macau, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway)

Get TouchPal Dialer @ Android Market

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