Amoeba Modular USB Flash Drive (Memory Compartments)

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Designer, Hyunsoo Song from SADI thought that it’s good to have a Memory Compartments for USB flash drive connecting one to each other. When separated, these USB flash drive consist of few pieces smaller USB flash drives. The designer’s main objective is to (detach) share a portion of the USB with specific content, for example, in the image above:-

  • Part (1) are locked (may consist of personal data or private photos)
  • Part (2) contains photos.
  • Part (3) contains musics.
  • Part (4) contains documents.

However, the designer’s “concept” is only beyond the realm of possibility. So, what do you think of this design and concept? Useful or not so practical?

(via Endgadget, YankoDesign)

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