Paragon NetBurner: Share a CD/DVD/BD Burner Over The Network or Remotely

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One of the drawback for Netbook PC nowadays are the lack of optical drive to play disc either CD/DVD/Blu Ray. Although you can use external optical drive to play a disc or burn a disc, but now you have 1 more option. Thanks to Paragon Software company for making NetBurner. With this software, you can easily add a remote burner drive across your network and later on burn the disc from that computer. This save you the hassle to copy to another computer to burn data into a disc.


  • Easy-to-use even for inexperienced users
  • Extremely useful for notebooks without optical drive
  • Cost-effective for office network, internet-café etc.
  • Ideal for backing up data to a remote CD/DVD/BD
  • Compatible with the most of burning software and hardware
  • Great performance in all operations
  • FREE license for Windows 32bit/64bit


This software is only for Windows PC, not available for Mac yet.

(via MakeUseOf, Paragon Software)

Download Paragon NetBurner NOW!

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