DIY iPhone 4/4S Apple Rear Logo Glow

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Good news for Apple fans. Like your glowing Apple logo on your Macbook? Now you can have it the same for your iPhone 4/4S. With this simple Apple logo glow mod kit for only $42.90, you just need to spend about 5 minutes and you can easily mod yout iPhone 4/4S to have the Apple logo glowing. For bonus, you can even choose the redesigned Steve Jobs’s Tribute logo by Jonathan Mak.


  • Easy to install, no soldering and fully reversible
  • Improved light kit
  • Choice of rear panel color (Black/White)
  • Support for iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S / iPhone 4 CDMA (using different rear panels)
  • Choice of logo (Original logo or Exclusive redesigned Steve Job’s Tribute logo by Jonathan Mak)
  • Tempered Glass Rear Panel
  • Complete with all the necessary parts including high quality camera lens, flash diffuser and bezel.

Required Tools for Installation

  • Phillips-head Screw Driver (included)
  • Pentalobe Screw Driver (included)
  • 3M sticker (included)
  • Forceps (included)
  • Scissors

Watch the Installation Video

Installation Steps

  1. Remove the 2 screws flanking the iPhone’s dock connector port
  2. Slide open and remove the rear panel
  3. Remove the 5 screws near the flash
  4. Lift up the power connector of the screen
  5. Position the light panel, then connect and mount it using the 3M sticker (details will be provided after purchase)
  6. Replace the 5 screws near the flash
  7. Slide on the included rear panel with the transparent logo (so that the light is visible through it)
  8. Replace the 2 remaining screws flanking the dock connector por
WARNING: Using this mod kit will void your Apple warranty, use it at your own risk if you wish to mod your iPhone 4/4S. XD.MY are not affiliated with the vendor or mod kit maker for this post.

Buy It Now for $42.90 (KO Store)

*Note: According to KO Store, the stock is limited and requires 14 days processing time.

(via MICgadget)

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