10 Useful Search Shortcuts on Google

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In this article, we would like to share some Google search shortcuts with our reader. Among the 10 tips, you might have known some of them. But nevertheless, you’ll learn along when you read on. Some tips might be useful because you don’t know you can use it. Share it with your friends if you think these tips are useful.

1. Converting currencies

Try search using the keyword as shown below for any currencies conversion. You just need to specify the amount of currency you wish to convert “currency to currency”.

us$100 to sgd

2. World time

Try search using the keyword as shown below for any currencies conversion. You just need to specify “time in LOCATION” to search.

time in hong kong

3. Search using an image

Simply head over to images.google.com to drag and drop image to the search bar or type the keyword you wish to search for image.


4. Search for specific terms

If you want to read news about an incident, you may want to try search only for specific keywords or terms such as “bp oil spill” or “iphone 4S jailbreak”.

bp oil spill

5. Remove irrelevant search results

Searching for results is easy but if you want to exclude or remove irrelevant search result, how can you do it? You just need to simply add “-keyword” (minus the keyword) for e.g. as you can see below, we want to search for ebook but not free ebook.

ebook -free

6. Dictionary definitions

With Google Search, you can easily get definition from dictionary on words that you are not familiar, you just need to add “-definition” at the end of your search word.

onomatopoeia definition

7. Check flight schedules

Some of you might now know that we can actually search for flight schedule. Simply key in your flight number to know the arrival or departure time.


8. Calculator

Do you know that you can calculate from Google Search ? For example you want to calculate 5 x 9 (sqrt 10), just key in “5*9(sqrt 10)” and you’ll get your answer.

5*9(sqrt 10)

9. Package tracking

Nowadays, more people are shopping online, but if you’re eager to know your shipment status? Key in your courier service tracking number, either from UPS, Fedex or USPS. Example tracking number shown below.


10. Converting units

The last tips will be simply converting units, in any situation you need to have quick access to convert units, you don’t need to take out your smartphone and click your converter apps, simply type the words what you want to convert to in Google search and you’ll get results straight away.

5 gallons to litres

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