3 Tips to Check For Legitimate Android Apps

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With the growing users on Android platforms, this is another good opportunity for cyber-criminals to create fake and malicious apps. Recently, there’s report that there’s malicious apps on Google Android Market. These fake and malicious apps make use of the popular apps such as Angry Birds, Need For Speed and etc to mislead and let users download and install the fake apps.

So, what can you do to avoid these? Be sure to check out the 3 tips you can check for legitimate Android Apps.

1. Be familiar with the developers behind popular apps

The real Android market page for popular game Angry Bird

Make sure you know the developer of popular apps in Android Market, for e.g Angry Birds app is developed by Rovio Mobile Ltd. If you refer to the image below, the fake apps in Android Market showing the developer name Logastrod. The details and apps screenshots in fake app page are designed to be as similar to the original app page to mislead users to download the fake app that contains virus/malware.

The fake(malicious) Angry Bird apps in Android Market

Users can also check the developer’s profile for other apps. Google offers developer ratings and “Editor’s Choice” status that can further validate the developer’s legitimacy.

2. Check the ratings and numbers of review

Normally, popular and great apps will have higher numbers of ratings and reviews. This is a good point to differentiate the actual apps from the fake apps.

3. Do more research

The last tips will requires you to do more research, read the user submitted reviews or gather feedbacks from other websites, magazines, or maybe your friends by words-of-mouth. Usually this helps you to decide and understand which is the legitmate Android apps in the Android Market.

(via TrendLabs Malware Blog)

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