H-ARTISTRY 2013 in Penang!!

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H-Artistry The Global Art of Mixing 2013 swept Penang Island on the 25th of May 2013 with a truly spectacular party, where over 2,000 revellers partied on down at the most anticipated nightlife event of the year, in good company of H-Artistry trailblazers – the Hennessy V.S.O.P signature long drinks.

H-Artistry The Global Art of Mixing 2013 atSPICE Penang

The first H-Artistry party of 2013 started off with partygoers streaming into the venue from as early as 7pm, to begreeted by classy hues of black and red, as well as the Hennessy V.S.O.P signature long drinks – Hennessy Apple, Hennessy Berry, Hennessy Ginger and Hennessy Soda which were served throughout the night. Kuala Lumpur’s Alex Asquared of Deer Society fame set the tone for the night from an elevated DJ console,overseeing the lounge area of H-Artistry from about15-feet above the party grounds.

Asquared’s set of nu disco and progressive trance kept party goers in the groove as everyone eagerly waited for the main party arena to open. In the meantime, guests kept busy by capturing their “Hennessy Moments” at the “Fotobox” booths, which printed out their photos and uploaded them on Facebook as mementos of H-Artistry.


Emcee Julie Woon

Come 9pm, the beautiful Julie Woon welcomed the crowd into the main party arena where the towering LED backdrop of the stunning H-Artistry stage counted down to the start of the show. The countdown culminated with an electrifying laser show and striking LED visuals, which kicked off the night’s performances. Enter 24HERBS, who surprised party goers by taking the stage from amongst the crowd. The Hong Kong hip hop outfit was bursting with energy, drawing the crowd in with their infectious stage presence as they demonstrated the credibility of Canto hip hop.

24 Herbs

Their performance included hit tracks like “Do You Know Me”, “Fashionista” as well as “Wonderland”, which featured Astro Star Quest champion Alexis Cheanin the first H-Artistry collaboration of the night. 24HERBS, anchored by SIR JBS, LMF legends Phat and Kit, took an intermission to greet the H-Artistry crowd and threw out 24HERBS Snapbacks into a rousing audience. A cheeky performance of the hit “Hu Ge” brought their performance to an end, which marked the beginning of the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) journey for the rest of the H-Artistry evening.

Dennis Lau


With the dimming of stage lights, Dennis Lau – clad in a laser-projecting jacket – took the stage with his electric violin, bringing the crowd to an all-new high as he started off with a violin introduction of Swedish House Mafia’s hit “Don’t You Worry Child”. Australian DJ and Producer Andy Murphy took the decks, bringing the prelude to its peak before Alexis Chean took the stage once again to belt out the vocals of the popular dance anthem.

DJ Andy Murphy


Andy Murphy went on to administer an astounding set of EDM and Big Room tunes for the next hour, firmly setting the momentum of the night with pulsating beats and fist-pumping drops. Taking over from Andy was Singapore’s biggest female DJ export Nicole Chen, who brought her popular style ofElectro House and Dirty Dutch onto the H-Artistry stage. Both DJs’ sets, bolstered in intervals by a gorgeous dance crew and breathtaking laser projections, shot the energy levels through the roof at H-Artistry as party goers danced through the night with glasses of Hennessy V.S.O.P in hand.

DJ Nicole Chen


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