Microsoft introduces SkyDrive App for iPhone (iOS)


Microsoft just introduce their new version SkyDrive for iPhone (iOS) and Windows phone. If you don’t like or Dropbox, you can always still stick to Microsoft SkyDrive for your cloud storage needs. Now, it’s even better because you can view, share and upload files or photos to your SkyDrive account directly from your iPhone. However, Microsoft has no plan to release for. 

Fruit Ninja Selling Plush Toys


Do you know that your favourite Fruit Ninja recently start to sell plush toys? Other than Angry Birds, now Fruit Ninja also started to sell plush toys. I am sure that many of the Fruit Ninja fans out there no matter from iOS or Android would love to have 1 of the plush toys. Apart from the 3 types of plush toys, only 1 is available for direct sale, the rest 2 more plush toy need to pre-order. 

Sharp Introduce 5.47mm (Thinnest) CMOS Camera Module for Smartphones


With this new CMOS camera module from Sharp Corporation, soon more smartphones will be more thinner, thanks to the 5.47mm model no RJ63YC100 camera module. According to Sharp, it uses proprietary high-density packaging technology has made it possible to achieve the industry’s thinnest profile in this type of camera module. With 12.1 megapixel, f2.5 and 1080p full HD video. 

NEC MEDIAS PP: Waterproof 4-inch Android Phone


NEC has announced that with Medias PP N-01D, waterproof and dustproof Android phone. It supports great functions such as wireless charging for your phone and water or dust proof. This phone will be available in Japan on December 9 and soon to reach US and other markets. This makes this phone another option to consider if you are the type you will be spending more time near water than in. 

Site2Pic: Take Screenshots of Websites and Share Them Easily


If you need to share a website screenshot to your customer, now you can easily share screenshots of websites by using Site2Pic web service. You just need to enter the website name you want to take screenshot, then press the “Get image!” button, as simple as that. Once you click on the button, it will auto generate the image and the URL to the image for you to share in social. 

FlicFlac: Portable Audio Converter Software (Windows)


Sector-Seven release FlicFlac, a portable audio converter for you to carry around in your USB flash drive or hard disk. If you’re at any public copmputer that don’t have any converter or you don’t have administrator rights to install software, don’t worry. FlicFlac comes handy in these situations. This software less than 1MB size can help you to convert audio files.