Paragon NetBurner: Share a CD/DVD/BD Burner Over The Network or Remotely


One of the drawback for Netbook PC nowadays are the lack of optical drive to play disc either CD/DVD/Blu Ray. Although you can use external optical drive to play a disc or burn a disc, but now you have 1 more option. Thanks to Paragon Software company for making NetBurner. With this software, you can easily add a remote burner drive across your network and later on burn the disc from that. 

CloudShot: Screenshot Software Linked With Dropbox


Most of computer users nowadays have to learn to take screenshot of computer screen. It can be for the purpose of sharing the views or for troubleshooting purpose. Thanks to CloudShot, now you can easily take screenshot and automatically upload to your Dropbox account. You can easily set a folder path location for the upload. For e.g, you can create a sub-folder under your Dropbox > Public.