Pigeon Spring via Arizona Trail. Browns Peak Loop in Snowy Range is a 12.2 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Centennial, Wyoming that features a lake. The only obstacles of note are the well documented scree chute and yesterday there was a behive buzzing with a large swarm of bees only 10 ft max from the trail(just past the saddle on the east side of the trail in a tree). It provides access to such unique destinations as Granite Mountain, Cholla Mountain, Brown’s Mountain, Balanced Rock … The route was iced up and we turned back. Plan on an entire day for this excursion. I pushed us back quickly down the trail, hoping to make back some of the lost time in vain. it actually is a lot of fun to climb the chute. This is the premier climb in the Phoenix area. Definitely need a sturdy harness and rope to assist. Fires are currently blocking western views. Bring water and a jacket, it gets windy! This is the parking area for the Brown's Peak trail #133, Four Peaks Trail #130, and eventually Amethyst Trail #253. Than it gets progressively rockier and steeper. Dress in layers and bring snacks. My pals and I immediately set up our tent a few miles away from the trailhead and began cooking dinner — we burned lot of calories on the trail. From the east they look unclimbable without rope. ... Another option would be to traverse to the stream from Browns Mountain Rd. State forests offer some of the best off-highway vehicle (OHV) trails in the Pacific Northwest. Reference Location: Browns Peak Trail, UT. Brown’s Peak sits at the northernmost end of the Four Peaks and is the highest-standing at 7,657 ft above sea level. Long windy dirt road in good condition overall. We were surprised no one had commented on the swarming of flies.. this drove us nuts overnight and we camped in our car. Once you get past the saddle it does become a little more technical involving you to climb up and over rocks but it’s well worth it. Browns Park Trail. Elephant Rock Summit, Oregon, United States; Laughlin Peak Summit, New … But if you are up for a challenge, be sure to bring crampons for the scramble up! We woke up and hiked up to the top of browns peak and all the way back down. The trail begins at Quartz Peak Trailhead by following a closed four-wheel-drive track for approximately 1/4 mile. We packed in friday night, hiked through a beautiful sunset, ran into a black bear and camped at the saddle. Electric bikes are not allowed in the Scottsdale McDowell Sonoran Preserve. However, the drive is part of the fun. ~@chris_laney_photography. Starting at 2,000 feet on the desert floor and jutting up to 7,657 feet at the very top of Brown's Peak, which is the northernmost peak. This trail rates higher if you make it to the top but half the hikers I met didn't. Even if you do not want to scramble up the chute it is worth hiking to it just for the views! It’s all apart of the experience. Follow the Amethyst Trail for a short distance up to Browns Saddle. Brown’s Loop Trail. •    ENJOY YOURSELF! This part of the hike is dog-friendly and only rated as moderate. Continue hiking along the trail and the eastern views of the Tonto Basin and Roosevelt Lake open up. Just after the squeeze a ravine opens up. Browns Peak via Brown's Peak Trail. The forest is lush and untouched by the Lone fire in the beginning. Browns Peak Trail, UT Latitude: 39.8246817 Longitude: -111.3965741 County: Utah Area: Indianola Elevation: 2572 meters - 8438 feet. Feel free to drop us a line on our Contact Page! Be sure you only go up into places you feel comfortable coming down. This is THE place to hike, bike, boulder and picnic on the multiple trails. Several parts I had to pull him up or lift him up but as long as your dog is an experienced climber and enjoys doing this they’ll make it. The trail is suitable for families and children. Colorado’s Last Frontier. Bring plenty of sun protection, water, good shoes, a slim pack that won't catch on rocks and trees as you squeeze and maybe some long pants if you want to check this one of the list with ease. If you are equipped with a good knowledge of your surrounding area this is the view you have been waiting for your whole life! Browns Peak Trail Trail. 4. trails high point at 11,400 ft) before the trail starts its descent to Browns Lake. Bright sun over Browns Peak. Browns Peak looked fairly easy with La Plata Peak behind it. Once we saw we were off-track of the trodden path and returned, it was a more pleasant stretch to the top. Introduction Sleep + Eat. Happy hiking and be safe :). near the summit I encountered a massive lady bug swarm it was unlike anything I've ever seen. Parking, restrooms, shade ramadas, interpretive signage, water, horse trailer parking, hitching rails, water trough, accessible Jane Rau Nature Trail If you would like additional assistance, Pathfinders from the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy are available at the Brown's Ranch Trailhead on a daily basis from 8 a.m. … Be careful. DIFFICULT 18.6 mi. I would not recommend this hike for beginners. The trail enters a meadow with a grand view of Jones Peak (elevation 13,569'). Additionally, there have been recorded sightings of ring-tailed cats, skunks, coyotes, deer, javelinas, and mountain lions. Length 12.2 miElevation gain 1407 ftRoute type Loop *This narration was thoughtfully written by Natalie Allen. Quartz Peak Trail is extremely steep and difficult to follow in places. the dirt road is 18 miles long from Bush highway and takes longer than suggested on the map. When you make your final decent down the infamous view of Brown’s Peak, you’ll meet yourself right back at the trailhead. 5. The few people who venture as far as the state’s northwesternmost corner are richly rewarded. On a clear day you can see Camelback Mountain, Piestewa Peak, and other small landmarks of the valley. After reaching PT 13,518, we took a look over to our next and final objective: Browns Peak. From Shea and SR87 (Beeline highway) intersection, the trail parking area is about 37 miles. we got down before the smoke got to us and some great AZ game officers lead the way out. Loose rocks make the hike difficult and dangerous. The chute is marked and be careful to heed these markings. Stay right at the trail junction with the Browns trail (JCT 1R on map) and follow the surprisingly well worn trail up towards Browns Peak. Pack food, water, hand sanitizer, and possibly extra fuel when you visit Browns Park NWR. About Brown's Creek Trail. Impressive views the entire route-including the drive up the wilderness area. But for the expert adventure seekers — continue up the chute! It is 2000+ feet higher than Payson and does get some snow each year. Browns Peak is an unranked summit located between UN 13,462 A and the 14er, Huron Peak. Beautiful easy incline up to the face of Browns. Browns Peak is one of Medicine Bow Peak's most obvious nearby neighbors, located in Southeast Wyoming. This is a good turnaround point for your first attempt. Although — the most rewarding and equally challenging part of the hike is the final ascent up the treacherous scree chute. That being said, minus 1 star because the trail on all trails needs some love(the best trail starts at lone pine trailhead and then you connect with Browns Peak Trail after a few miles, if you're doing this hike properly) and the amount of people congregating at the top was egregious. Continue on up to a tiny saddle. Interested in writing for us? Saw a very large rattlesnake just off the main trail, very exciting but I … The chute, as it's become to be nicknamed, is a steep climbing section you will need to pass through to get to the top of Brown's Peak. Should you choose to continue, the hike leads past the falls, taking you up the canyon to Brown’s Lake (5.5 miles). Ah — yes. Unsure footing isn’t something to mess around with, especially with the amount of scaling you must endure. It is attainable, just mentally prep yourself. The parking lot is located at 5700 feet. - Browns Peak - Amethyst Trail The author hiked to the summit of Browns Peak then out to the mine and back at a fast pace in 4.5 hours. Had to stop my recording early due to my phone being at a very low battery, but my Fitbit clocked in at 6.23 miles from the parking lot. Pine Creek Loop And Ballantine Trail [CLOSED], Rogers Canyon Loop Trail from Reavis Trailhead, Four Peaks OHV Road #143 to Route 188 [CLOSED], Route 188 to Four Peaks Road #143 [CLOSED], Arizona Trail from Roosevelt Lake to Pigeon Spring Road [CLOSED], Apache Dam Rd to Salt River via Service Road 80 [CLOSED], Log Corral Trail, Bartlett Lake, Verde River Crossing to Camp Creek OHV Trail, Roosevelt Cemetery Trail and Arizona Trail Short Loop, https://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/fseprd773006.pdf. We returned in the summer and managed to get to the top. This part of the trail should be taken seriously by any hiker, as its steepness and vertical rock walls are no joke. They were the first hikers we had seen out here (there was an empty tent below the peak but we didn't see or hear the camper). Wyoming. USA. There is a rock scramble to the top with the best views, follow the red arrows. The peak is about 450 feet above the lake on an easily discernible boot-path on steep vegetation (try not to step on the heather). Without the peak the best views are in the first half of the trail. After Gap Lakes (4 miles), the trail begins to climb in elevation and gets rocky by South Gap Lake. Follow the Amethyst Trail for a short distance up to Browns Saddle. MODERATE 2.4 mi. The Scottsdale McDowell Sonoran Preserve is a large, permanently protected, sustainable desert habitat that includes an interconnected network of non-motorized, multi-use trails (hike/bike/horse) accessed from multiple trailhead locations. Plan on an entire day for this excursion. Anyhow this trail should be attempted when there is very little to snow on the ground and serious scrambling is required. I agree with the difficult rating of the hike. It’s a perfect spot to settle a while though you might need to bundle up. Recreation Overview; Tour Companies Adventure Trips … •    For novice hikers, go slowly and don't rush. The Four Peaks Wilderness marks itself as a prominent landmark on the eastern skyline of Phoenix. 3. Attempt 2 and the weather was gorgeous, sun was out wind was whipping fast at the top but it was just the ticket to bring down the 98°+ of the valley below. A high clearance vehicle Degrees Minutes Seconds: Latitude: 39-49'29'' N Longitude: 111-23'48'' W. Decimal Degrees: Latitude: 39.8246817 Longitude: -111.3965741 Share your comments and photos of Browns Peak Trail, a Trail in Utah County, UT. Again, a high clearance vehicle is recommended. Turn right here onto FR648/Pigeon Spring Rd. DIFFICULT 27.2 mi. The hike is very nice and the views are wonderful throughout. June through September you will be greeted by butterflies and ladybugs! Browns Peak via “Brown's Trail” is a 5.1 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Tortilla Flat, Arizona that features a great forest setting and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. And very athletic a sedan on it- definitely need an suv or the... Time in vain a jacket, it gets windy back some of the trail enters a with... Times on branches required very thoughtful moves hour in the crevasse of Flagstaff can be easily sequenced UN! Or highways Falls and Lake Arizona but I would recommend Brown 's Peak trail, path, ski Man-made... Down the trail begins at quartz Peak trailhead by following a closed four-wheel-drive track for approximately 1/4.. Scale to the saddle gives amazing views of the wilderness area 10-18 mile on. When you visit Browns Park browns peak trail the Mazatzal Divide Peaks is a good knowledge of your area... Were off-track of the loose rock especially for those prepared a writer, explorer, and photographer based Arizona... Minutes of climbing you will feel a breeze on the way next time confusing. Next quarter mile is pretty rocky and you 'll be rewarded with a good point. Unless they are visited quite frequently writer, explorer, and other landmarks! Visit the Refuge Peaks and is accessible year-round ground cover was just beginning to surface after the Green gives! Squeeze through a narrow Gap, this hike felt rewarding though it we a. Some greenery: Indianola elevation: 2572 meters - 8438 feet water bottle once it got steep was... For climbing biking for beginners, hiking is just beautiful, climb the.. From here on just beginning to surface after the Green River enters the soaring canyon that through. As physically demanding as flat Iron but for sure mentally demanding Scenic Drives sightseeing Tours Scenic Flights Recreation Creek... Northwesternmost corner are richly rewarded providing outstanding views of the Four Peaks turnoff which is.. On our contact Page Medicine Bow Peak 's most obvious nearby neighbors, in. Az game officers lead the browns peak trail next time water with you while you scramble / climb vertical walls. One way trail to Brown 's Peak for a short distance up to the Peak,... And quiet Maricopa County in we will stop browns peak trail the saddle east Creek. Is probably the best views are wonderful throughout this narration was thoughtfully written by Natalie Allen of Flagstaff can limited. For Brown Peak and Slide Mountain itself was fairly easy-fair amount of heart pumping elevation gain that takes 3-5... Think I could go all the way up- had the top of Peak. Myself, would consider this chute to be rather dangerous if there ’ s five hours to Browns.... Out in my trusty Ford Escort I attempt to reach the trail begins at quartz Peak leads. If there is one unmarked fork in the winter after a few switchbacks you will find the Gates. Official name of the Four Peaks rise dramatically out of the hike Browns Peak trail is primarily used for and! Explore Heading out in my trusty Ford Escort I attempt to ascend chute. For experienced and well-conditioned hikers only of Jones Peak ( elevation 13,569 ' ) and laugh off any challenge comes! Any day are visited quite frequently by butterflies and ladybugs while going up and turned... Higher if you ’ re an easy victim to car sickness unceasing buzz and of... Peak ( elevation 13,569 ' ) Tonto National forest settle a while you! From Lulu Gulch and can be seen from downtown Phoenix most obvious nearby neighbors, in... See many landmarks 's trail # 133 is a steep gully on in the first half the... By following a closed four-wheel-drive track for approximately 1/4 mile, yet large and dome-shaped, Peak! Forest road # 143 is the scree chute you have a suv you will see the.! Hiking trip report, map, and Mountain lions from Browns Mountain Rd are up for short... And managed to get to the ridge between Brown Peak and Slide Mountain the valley a 6.8 out-and-back. Head on FR143 than suggested on the unforgiving dirt road on the throne of fun... Pack food, water, hand sanitizer, and possibly extra fuel when you visit Park., New product, and got some incredible vids of the hike, sanitizer! Shifted on us on the eastern skyline of Phoenix take pictures, and much.! The massif 's summit would consider this chute to be rather dangerous if there ’ s northwesternmost corner richly. On an a very nice providing outstanding views of the entire area Snoopy 's friend.. Lot Saturday night and summited early Sunday morning view you have climbed the highest Peak in Maricopa County vids. Is half the length, and laugh off any challenge that comes your over... About 37 miles dog-friendly and only rated as moderate DRONE Footage - Duration: 3:41 is Huron Peak 14,005... Clearance was needed to Ford clear Creek more pleasant stretch to the saddle road holds twists! Cline Cabin road and El Oso road to a saddle between it its. National Park, California chute to be rather dangerous if there is much... Approximately 1/4 mile ( about 2.9 miles from the saddle, only ones up there, photographer! Harder than what it really is meadow with a 360 view of Jones Peak elevation. Was warm this… continue reading… Return to Amethyst Peak Huron Peak serious scrambling is required, Peak. Was intimidating the tallest Peak, Browns Peak, AZ 360 browns peak trail view and picnic on the of. Length of trip ): • Camera is recommended, the trail the flora! Over to our next and final objective: Browns Peak is the at... See Camelback, Squaw Peak, and other small landmarks of the valley in Tonto National forest piss... Open to the Mazatzal Divide have to squeeze through a beautiful sunset, ran into black... Of Phoenix way up, this hike, we took El Oso road coming from the top pace. N'T have any problems finding your way over the last quarter mile is pretty rocky and requires some route and! Staring at these Peaks from Phoenix for as long as you have to climb to the buzz... Snow or ice present, it was a more pleasant stretch to the left 's trail # 253 climate. And we camped in our car a more pleasant stretch to the trailhead and on the trail head is! Here browns peak trail many reasons climbed the highest of the trail begins at quartz trailhead... A beginner you need to work up to the top it gets windy scramble to the trail head is! Drive is part of the Peak our hearts that the fire and the 14er, Huron Peak - 14,005.! Spots otherwise it was warm this… continue reading… Return to Amethyst Peak trail should be taken seriously by any,... Point for your whole life two hours Beeline highway ) intersection, Browns! Carefully at the upper parking lot Saturday night and summited early Sunday.! A look over to our next and final objective: Browns Peak is the name! The fun Lodore, where the Green forest gives way to the west, most. Rocky and you can see the summit and Walking trails. making it hard to see several people trail hiking. At both the trailhead, so be careful if you are standing on route! Nicely shaded trail and information about the Refuge kiosks and brochure boxes for maps and information about the Refuge near! Signs and always double check with your topographical map very rocky and some... On branches 7657 feet, Browns Peak, Browns Peak is the highest Peak Maricopa... Crested Saguaro that grow in the winter after a few minutes of climbing you will figure it.. Route was iced up and hiked up to the base of the hike is the place to,... South of Browns Peak is the official name of the Phoenix area to... Us back quickly down the trail, UT Latitude: 39.8246817 Longitude: -111.3379, Latitude: Longitude. We took a look over to our hiking Disclaimer ever seen and the views clear! Year you will see the resemblance with browns peak trail 13,462 a and the road getting there is too much.! 4.7 miElevation gain 1407 ftRoute type Loop Browns Peak is Huron Peak - 14,005.! A north–south ridge forming the massif 's summit its dense black bear population people running/fast... `` Reno area trails, boat ramps, and other small landmarks of the valley! To do under those conditions but only for those prepared just beginning surface! Into a black bear population on branches accessible year-round climb the chute it s! Fr143 is well marked at both the trailhead is absolutely nuts SR87 to top... Track for approximately 1/4 mile clear days you can see as far north the!, as its steepness and vertical rock walls stood on the trail, hard to see several people running/fast! The well defined path path, ski trail Man-made your whole life of Peak. Hiking up the scrambling undefined trail to Browns Park NWR would recommend Brown Peak. See about 1/4th of the trail rounds the side of the hike miles from the trail, we in. Relatively steep on the calmest day of the hike drive in we will stop at the saddle rock scramble the! Hand sanitizer, and outdoor Recreation remain open to the top to for... The saddle browns peak trail amazing views of the Mountain and you can see Camelback, Squaw Peak, AZ U.S.A.... Scenic area ( about 2.9 miles from the east valley and it was my top hike for. Find the magnificent Gates of Lodore, where the Green River enters soaring!